Passive real estate investing, double digit returns

We supply the systems and the expertise, you supply the capital. Together we both win.

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What we offer our investment partners

Experience and Skills

Expertise and Experience

Recognizing the value in a piece of real estate takes knowledge and experience. By combining a proven system and years of real estate buying experience we have amassed an inventory of over 100 residential properties. That is an estimated 30 million dollars worth real estate under our control.

Systems and Skills

Systems and Skills

It is one thing to recognize value; extracting that value takes dedicated systems and particular skills. We have put together a team of over 30 managers, mortgage specialists, professional tradespeople, lawyers and accountants to protect the value of our property and ensure they are effectively managed to provide cash flow and long-term growth.

Character and Creativity

Character and Creativity

As evidenced by being awarded "most creative real estate deal of 2016", our team can find win/win situations when others simply walk away. In partnership with our investors, we have been able to provide safe, sound and secure housing for over 150 families.

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Here's how to generate passive monthly income as a rental property provider (the Hassle-Free Landlord Program). 

  • you invest the down payment and qualify for the mortgage
  • Epic Alliance leases the property from you for two years
  • Epic Alliance assumes financial responsibility for all repairs, maintenance and vacancies and pays you a monthly rent covering the mortgage, taxes and insurance, PLUS an additional sum equivalent to a 12 - 15% annual return on your investment
  • you sit back and watch your bank account grow

Our Mission

Our goal is to find the win/win solution in every situation. We believe that every real estate transaction should help everyone involved move towards their financial goals. Our investors really are our partners. By working together, we can all achieve the financial freedom each of us deserves.

About Epic Alliance Inc.

From our humble beginnings, we have acquired an inventory of over 30 million dollars worth of residential real estate for our investors to choose from. By partnering our experience and expertise with our investors capital, we have provided safe, sound and secure housing to over 100 families while returning double digit returns to our investors. By re-imagining the possibilities in real estate, we create truly EPIC win/win/win solutions.

Our creative approach has allowed us to create a number of innovate investment opportunities tailored to the particular needs of our partners. The one common thread running through our offerings is that the returns are all earned passively. Once you invest with us, we do the rest. Whether you are providing a rental property or funding a flip, your hands stay clean. You simply sit back and collect your reward.

Hassle-Free Landlord Program

Looking for passive rental income without the hassle?

Fund a Flip

Want to flip a house without touching a tool?


Want to own a home but not sure where to start?

Distressed Property

Have a property that's costing you money?

Creative Solutions

Not sure what to do?

When we say passive and hassle-free, we mean passive and hassle-free. Here's what some of our investors have to say about it.

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