Our Mission

We look for the win/win opportunity in every situation. We use our expertise and experience in the world of real estate investing to partner with people interested in using passive investment strategies to generate wealth and income. With our knowledge and systems and our partners capital we find opportunities others miss.

Meet Your Partners

"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." –Napolean Hill

These are the people whose ideas, expertise, experience and systems will create the win/win situations from which we all profit. Our mission is to help our partners achieve the freedom and comfort provided by the steady stream of growth and income provided by wise real estate investing. By helping our investors succeed, we guarantee our own success. We grow faster when we grow together.

Rochelle Laflamme and Alisa Thompson

Rochelle Laflamme and Alisa Thompson


Rochelle and Alisa are VERY popular podcast guests. Below is a selection of some of the best.


7-2                                                  7-2 Real Estate Investor

Met in Prison and Now Pushing Closer to a Billion Dollars, with Alisa Thompson and Rochelle Laflamme

phil and the kid logo                                                  Phil and the Kid Podcast

The Boss Bitch of Saskatoon

VREP logo               The Vancouver Real Estate Podcast (VREP)

$60,000,000 in Six Years!

stefan aarnio logoStefan Aarnio - Respect the Grind Podcast

We Specialize in Win/Win Relationships

REITE Club Logo               

                          REITE Club Podcast


Systems to Start and Scale Your Real Estate Investing Business


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Hassle Free Real Estate Investing With Epic Alliance

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Hassle-Free Land Lording with Epic Alliance