April 7, 2020

Are you stressed?? 

It is completely normal for you to feel stress, even elevated levels of stress, throughout your life. When things come up that you have never had to cope with before, it is easy to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and underprepared. However, if the stress and the mental and physical symptoms go unchecked, they can lead to harmful effects on the body and quality of life. So, the next time you feel overwhelmed, check out these tips for some effective relief!


First things first, make prioritizing your health an active decision.

Really commit to yourself and be passionate about it. No one ever achieves anything by doing it half-a$$-ed. You know you deserve to be happy so make the decision to BE happy and PLAN how you are going to make that happen for yourself.

 stress ball

Try to see things from a different perspective.

 It’s important to shift your focus on how you perceive things. Think about it… Is something a big, daunting task? Try breaking it down into smaller, simpler tasks, that are more easily achieved. Is growth uncomfortable? YES! But the final result is worth gaining and it’s important to focus on your goals. Wrestling with confusion? Seeing an issue from someone else’s perspective can be a HUGE help! Sometimes our stress comes from overthinking things and if we shifted our focus, they wouldn’t bother us as much.



You need to eat, sleep, breathe, exercise and do whatever you need to keep a roof over your head. Remember your core needs! After that, prioritize all tasks in order of necessity and adjust your energy accordingly. Know where to draw your lines and be aware of your energy expenditure. You can CHOOSE what you spend your energy on, some stressors are valid…some are beyond our control.


Impending doom?

It can be really easy to get caught up in things we can’t control and lose sight of what we can control. By choosing to assert your power over your own life and release yourself from stressing about things you can’t control, you will find yourself stressing less often and less intensely.


Remember that stress exists for a reason.

There is no such thing as a pointless emotion, they happen for a reason. Historically, instincts help you protect yourself. It is natural to feel anxious, stressed out, and frustrated. Let yourself FEEL those things in healthy ways, process them, and then move on to the next task.

Mental health support lines are listed below.

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Your diet/exercise can play a huge role in stress and mental health.

Don’t forget that you need vitamins to be healthy. Yes, when we are stressed, we are more likely to reach for the bag of Doritos or order food from a fast-food restaurant, but taking care of physical health is very important for stress management! Get Vitamin D from milk or milk supplement (or sunshine), remember to get omega fatty acids from a fish source, Vitamin C from a citrus, high fibre from spinach or broccoli, green tea for L- Theanine, cheese for glutamine, soy for phosphatidylserine. All of these Vitamins, aside from producing other great things for your body, contribute to lowering your cortisol and in-turn, helps to ease stress. 

Produce endorphins to ease stress through exercise. There are loads of free resources and workout plans on the internet. Get googling, join a virtual class, or look up a fun workout on YouTube!


Take enjoyment in day to day life.

 Often, we are living in the past or the future and we forget to appreciate the present. Practice being grateful for the moment and live in it. Whether that looks like turning your phone off for a few hours, cooking dinner with your family, reading, writing, meditating, or building something. Get out in nature, laugh, imitate Risky Business and dance in your underwear (just make sure the blinds are closed!)


 Mental Health Resources in Saskatoon

1. Alcoholics Anonymous; 306-665-6727; 245 3rd Avenue South

2. Mental Health & Addiction Services; 306-655-8877; 715 Queen Street

3. Sturdy Stone Center; 306-933-5234; 122-124 3rd Avenue North

4. The Salvation Army - Addictions; 306-242-6833; 339 Avenue C South

5. United Way - Saskatoon; 306-975-7700; 100-506 25th Street East

6. OUT Saskatoon/Center for Gender Diversity; 306-665-1224; 320 21st Street West




**We are NOT doctors; we are real estate investors. These tips are to help cope with mild stress. If you have extreme symptoms, we encourage you to consult your health care provider. While we can help you achieve passive income from a rental property, we cannot diagnose health problems or recommend treatments. **