Thrive, Day 1 - Las Vegas, Baby!

June 11, 2019

 thrive logo

When you hear that sentence, I can only imagine what goes through your mind... money, nudity, gambling, elaborate shows etc.

Well, not this girl. When I hear ‘Las Vegas’ I will forever remember the 2019 Thrive conference. What an astounding event with so many lessons and take-aways from each speaker. The event motto is "Make Money Matter,” a statement that is so powerful in a multitude of ways. Cole and Sanja Hatter are the founders of Thrive and have accomplished the creation of an event that is forward-moving and refreshing.

 As you know, Rochelle and I attend and partake in a lot of growth, development and educational seminars/events. This conference was next level. We bore witness to between 25-30 presenters over the weekend on both the mainstage and on panel groups. Every one of them was a master influencer, savvy business person, or was serving on a spectacular level.

 If you are the type of person who is driven and motivated to the point where people in your life no longer refer to you as passionate, instead you are known as obsessive, then YOU MUST ATTEND THRIVE!

 The first day started off on a bang! Yahya Bakkar was our MC. What an amazing ball of energy, inspiration and humor. He also spoke on Sunday (did I mention that this conference was three full days?!!) Yahya's jokes and performances were so entertaining. He beat boxed and then played the harmonica and beat boxed at the same time, and he had the best introductions for all of the presenters.


Our first presenter was Dave Meltzer. His story served as such a humble reminder. He had been determined to become rich in the early part of his life, and he achieved his goal! He spoke to us about how he was incredibly unhappy and almost lost his wife and family. Drinking and partying was leading him to a black hole of making cash money, but not engaging in anything that would move his spirit. When Dave hit bottom and almost lost everything, he rebuilt himself. My favorite lessons from Dave were, "Just because someone loves you, doesn't mean they will give you the best advice." Or this lesson, "Always ask for help, just pick the right person to ask." Also "To stay in abundance is to know your ego." Such great information from someone who started out life like most of us, average, and accelerated to greatness and infinite possibilities.

 Our next speaker was Sanja Hatter, Cole Hatter's wife and one of the founders of the Thrive conference. She spoke on something that plagues many of us and holds us back... FEAR. In her story she bravely told us about her two-year battle to find her confidence and control her fear. Using these three steps: Recognize, Release, and Reframe, she won her battle and continues to accelerate in life. Her belief in manufactured confidence was utterly mind blowing.

 sanya hatter

Now, when I say accelerate, I'm not kidding. This little powerhouse went on to do everything and evolved from a zero-confidence person stuck in her shell, to someone who overcame her fear of public speaking. Sanja, through continuous steps, managed to go on and become a body builder in a ridiculously short amount of time and even won a competition. She went from barely being able to talk to a small group of people, to standing practically naked in front of complete strangers in a matter of months! Talk about personal confidence and control of fear.

 Her story gets even greater than this one piece I spoke about and so incredibly interesting. The lesson of manufactured confidence and how it is about progression and not perfection really hit home for me. I hope she speaks again next year at Thrive!

 So, the personal growth ‘punch to the face’ continues with Trent Shelton, an ex-NFL football player turned motivational speaker. Trent had a story that some of us can definitely relate too. He lost his career in football and in turn became lost as a human being, turning to drugs and alcohol. Trent went on to educate people about needing to own a "championship mindset". His turning point was when he found out that he was about to become a father. His transformation was possible using the tools of Information, Inspiration, and Implementation. Trent's story is deep; many people try to run from their reality but end up losing themselves in that race. One of his most powerful comments that struck me the most was "Pain might have brought you there... but you are the one who chooses to stay there." Nothing like a verbal punch to your soul to empower you! We have all been through ugly shit, some of us have bigger piles then others, but the point is that true empowerment comes from within.

 Only you can pick the empowerment team that will help you leave shit behind and move on. I prefer the idea of using pain as jet fuel for my journey as opposed to wearing it as concrete shoes for my daily steps.

 cole hatter

Now it is time to stretch your brain muscles. Cole Hatter, one of the founders of Thrive, spoke about "Profit for Purpose". Such an interesting concept that is changing the way people build and run their businesses. He talks about how this all correlates in his "4 Purpose Business" quadrant. You want to aim for the "Thriving" quadrant. This is where profits and purpose meet. Meaning, you are giving as you’re making. For example, consider the company Tom's Shoes. For every pair of shoes that they sell, one pair is given to someone in need and this company supplies shoes all over the world. That is the exact definition of "Profit For Purpose".

 I can't wait until Epic Alliance Inc. is able to contribute to the world in this way!

 We are not done yet, and yes, it's still only day one! Bring in Lisa Bilyeu. Her and her husband Tom, founded Quest Nutrition. If you have ever been in a health food store or walked an isle that has nutrition bars, you have likely seen Quest products. These two started making nutrition bars in their kitchen single-handedly, to running a billion-dollar company in only 5 years. Lisa went on to talk about how the power of belief took her to where she is today. She knows that our beliefs shape how we react to life. For example, if you believe you can, then ultimately you can. If you believe you can't, then you can't. Which sounds simple enough.

 Lisa Bilyeu

I think if these two can build what they have based on beliefs, then I'm definitely going to take a hard look at mine. Is your belief system serving you and your dreams?

 We have come to the last speaker of the day and what a F#$&@n ‘pump you up’ kind of guy he was. Mr. Eric Thomas if you please, aka ET. If you have not watched this man's videos before, remove your head from your butt and watch a few of them! This is the second time that Rochelle and I have seen ET, and he did not disappoint! His personality and presentation was ‘in your face’ and power packed, and then he tops it all off with love and showing off a good work ethic. Trust me, you need to see him live for it to make sense. This guy is like a natural source of energy.

 eric thomas

I could go on and on, but then this blog would become a novel, lol. Let's just say that if you are looking to recalibrate your mind, then you need to listen to Eric Thomas. The way he describes how life, education, and divine intervention all come together is 10x inspiring. The obsession he has on his ability to "out will" anyone else is next level. People get hung up on the idea that there is no way or that it is not possible, well this is not a concept that ET considers. If ET can't get through to you “that you’re not running out of money, you’re running out of execution (ideas), no one can.” His advice is given in layman's terms with a "matter of fact" delivery. No smoke and mirrors. Just raw, down to earth ideas and thoughts delivered so that you feel the emotions you need too. You will walk away with a new belief of "Don’t just strive... Thrive!"

 Well that brings day one of the 2019 Thrive Conference to an end. Yup. That was only day one. There are still two more mind blowing days to talk about. Those blogs are coming soon.