Top Tips For Working From Home During Covid-19

March 25, 2020

Working from Home or Netflix and Snacking????

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We get it.
This is an uncertain time.
You can't go into the office for precautionary reasons. You can't go work at a coffee shop because they are all closed (rightly so). You can't even invite your co-worker over for a co-working session.
And on top of that, you're being tempted by your refrigerator, the snack cupboard, and the TV is practically begging you to turn it on.
Not to mention you might even have kids at home with you demanding constant attention (can we blame them?).
Luckily, our social media unicorn Ashley is here to save the day!
Here are Ashley's top tips to help you stay motivated and increase productivity while working from home:


1. Create a schedule.

Be clear on what you need to get accomplished each day/week. Plan accordingly and operate on a schedule. I find it helpful to schedule "work time" in blocks of about two-hours based on my attention span. Schedule coffee, lunch, and activity breaks so you're maximizing the time you spend working
PRO TIP: I complete quick tasks earlier in the day (responding to emails, scheduling posts, checking in with team members, creating to-do lists) and leave longer tasks such as (writing long-form content, strategy/brainstorming sessions, research, and video calls) for the 2 pm - 5 pm work time. That way, I use my morning to warm up and get organized. I find it very motivating to be able to strike off multiple things from my to-do list earlier in the day. This strategy also allows me to budget my time better.


Its all well and good to create the schedule, but if you don't follow it, you won't be as productive, I promise!

3. Create an at-home office space.

A room with a door is best! Create your space with intention. Even if that looks like your kitchen table being pulled into the spare room with only 1 pencil and a paperweight, if you set it up with the intention of being productive and "for work only" then you're more likely to be efficient.

4. Post a sign outside of your "office" door.

If you have a family, roommate, spouse, children, etc. who are vying for your attention, put up a sign with your working hours on it and ask the people around you to respect your need for space during these times. I mean, if they want you to keep paying the bills I'm sure they will understand!
Eliminating distractions is one of the ultimate keys to successfully working from home. Sorry friends, this means no Netflix, Hulu, Prime TV, etc. in the workspace.

5. Get dressed.

Take an hour in the morning to prepare for your day as you usually do. It's awesome to work in your pyjamas but trust me, it's not always as productive as you think it will be. I find it extremely motivating to get dressed and do my morning routine as per usual.

6. Do not open the fridge.

I repeat, do not open the fridge. Snacking all day long can be TEMPTING. Not getting any work done? Maybe a sandwich will help me focus. Okay, and then maybe I'll make a smoothie because that will surely help me to create the spreadsheet that I've been putting off all week (NO, it won't).
You can still meal prep and follow a plan while you're working from home. Make that smoothie before you start in the morning, don't use it as an excuse to leave your designated at-home workspace.


7. Check-in with your co-workers often.

Although this contact may be virtual, it will help to keep you on track and keep you accountable to your schedule. Consider creating a work group-chat on a platform like Slack where you and your co-workers can post updates, ask for support, and report any new developments as they happen. Maintaining these connections will help keep you motivated.
That's it, that's all folks! Work smart and stay healthy. 
- Ashley, Social Media Marketing Coordinator
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