The Hassle-Free Landlord Program

Let's Compare

Typical Landlord

  • Uh, oh. Vacancy! Time to look for new tenants.
  • Tenants aren't maintaining the property. Guess I've got another lawn to cut this weekend.
  • Another 2 am phone call. The furnace quit working. Who needs sleep anyway?
  • Rent cheque bounced(again).
  • This tenant needs to be evicted. Back to court, I go.

Hassle-Free Landlord

  • Vacancy? Who cares!
  • Maintenance? Not my problem!
  • Emergency? Don't call me!
  • Bad cheque? I still get paid!
  • Eviction? Meh! Epic Alliance Inc. looks after it. Positive cash flow EVERY month.

Is it REALLY hassle-free? Here's what our investors say:

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