What We Offer Our Investment Partners

Expertise and Experience

Recognizing the value in a piece of real estate takes knowledge and experience. By combining a proven system and years of real estate buying experience we hav amassed an inventory of over 300 residential properties. That is more than 50 million dollars worth of real estate under our control.

Systems and Skills

It is one thing to recognize value. Extracting value takes dedicated systems and particular skills. We have put together a team of over 40 managers, mortgage specialists, professional trades-people, lawyers and accountants. This team protects the value of our properties and insures they are effectively managed to provide consistent cash flow and long-term growth.

Character and Creativity

As evidenced by being awarded "most creative real estate deal of 2016", our team can find win/win situations when others simply walk away. In partnership with our investors, we have been able to proved safe, sound and secure housing to over 200 families.